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Summer School 2024

Our summer schools offer a one week intensive course in silver smithing and jewellery making. With just six places available on each course you'll spend 25 luxurious hours in the workshop, learning, experimenting, making and creating. You'll balance your time between learning new skills and working on your own designs and you are in charge of what you do. 


Monday: saw piercing, filing and textures. Hammers, metal stamping and rolling mill. Make a pendant and drop earrings set.

Tuesday: soldering and forming. Make a set of stacking rings and bangles

Wednesday: Polishing and surfaces. Make stud earring, cuffs and ear climbers with different surface finishes

Thursday: Forming and forging. Learn to anneal and work harden metal. Make a domed pendant or brooch with sawn or stamped details.

Friday: Free making day.

If you don't already have one you'll receive a complimentary copy of our Jewellers Level One Journal. 


Monday: chunky organic bezel setting. Example Project - a chunky fine silver ring with irregular stone

Tuesday: rivets & pivots, cold connections and rotating hinges. Example project - an articulated necklace of over lapping shapes or a rivet hinged domed locket

Wednesday: soldering skill builders - explore pallion, pick and paste soldering and deep dive into intricate jobs and tricky soldering tasks. Example projects - bring your tricky soldering projects to work on

Thursday: sand casting natural objects. Example projects - a set of sand cast natural charms

Friday: Free making day

INTERMEDIATE WEEK TWO Monday: anticlastic raising. Example project - a forged bangle
Tuesday: organic claw setting for gemstones and found objects. Example project - a claw set ring or collection of claw set samples
Wednesday: finishing and polishing skill builder - explore perfecting your polishing and how to create a range of refined and consistent surface finishes using hand polishing, buffers and rotary tools Example projects - bring your hard to finish pieces and try out different finishes and methods to get your perfect results
Thursday: kiln fired enamelling. Example project - a set of enamel earrings or brooches
Friday: free making day

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