Nottingham Jewellery School.

    Workshops and classes taught by professional jewellers.

Our tutors are all professional jewelers and makers in their own right, with many years of experience making, selling and teaching jewellery.

We have specialists in many areas of jewellery and metal work including silver smithing, texturing and metal stamping, enamelling, stone setting, keum boo, wire wrapping, metal recycling, mixed media materials. 

Alys Power


Experience: Alys has a BA in Applied Arts from Derby Uni and an MA in Contemporary Craft from Nottingham Trent. She has been running her jewellery practice, Alys Power Design, since 2003 and has been teaching classes and workshops since 2010. She took over running Nottingham Jewellery School in 2019. 

Special skills: Cold connections, enamelling, mixed materials, 

Classes: Beginners silver smithing, Ring Making, Enamelling, Six week Level One Course, Metal Stamping

Favourite tool: Hammers - all the hammers.

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"Jewellery makes people happy. Designing it, making it and wearing it.  I love constructing, creating and exploring materials and techniques and it's a real privilege to share that with our students in the workshops. My own work is about composition, balance and imperfect simplicity and I try to bring that to my classes too".

Loree Bologna


Experience: Loree has a BA in applied arts from southern Connecticut State University. She has worked in the jewellery industry for over 30 years  in Chicago IL, New Haven CT, and Nottingham UK. Specializing in Custom design, Loree aims to make her practice as environmental as
possible, often incorporating clients existing gold and gems. Loree has a teaching qualification and has been running workshops since 2002.

Special skills: Wax Carving, fabrication, stone setting.

Classes: Jewellery Making level 1 and 2. Wax carving Level 1 and 2

Favourite tool: So many to choose from! I have a few things inherited from my Father that are very
special to me.

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“Like many disciplines you never stop leaning with jewellery making. There are always new
techniques to try and plenty to still discover! It’s been a life long journey!”

Lex Watt

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Experience:  Lex has a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing from the Birmingham School of jewellery and has been running her own business ‘Zalisander’ since 2011. She began teaching in 2015 and has discovered a love for passing on knowledge and skills to other crafty creators.

Special skills: Design, fabrication, stone setting.

Classes: Jewellery Making level 1,  Spinner Rings, Gemstone setting

Favourite tool: Pencils and blowtorches.

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“I adore the process of going from a scribbled idea/design to a fully finished piece of jewellery, the immediacy, malleability of materials and the sentimental value that jewellery holds will always fascinate me, as will the potential for continued learning and improvement of my practice.”

Judith Brown

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Experience: Judith has a BA in Embroidery from Manchester Metropolitan University. She’s been designing and making jewellery as Judith Brown Jewellery since 2004 and has varied experience of teaching workshops ranging from working with teenagers, workshops in her studio and crafts for hen parties!

Special skills: Manipulating wire, stitching with wire, working with beads and colour

Classes: Embellished wire jewellery

Favourite tool: Hands!

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“When I'm working on new designs I can spend hours searching for the perfect colour of beads to work together to bring my vision to life. I love the elegance and detailed finish of Edwardian and Victorian jewellery and dress and the sumptuous fabrics and embroidery of the twenties and thirties, both provide inspiration for many of my collections. ”

Sharon Dickinson


Experience: Sharon has a BA in 3D design and PGCE from De Montfort University and completed further studies at BIAD.  An award winning artist, she has exhibited at Pewter live in the City of London and at Tate Britain Art Market.

Special skills: Mixed metals and re purposed materials. Pewter casting. Mold making, resin casting. Coloring and anodizing aluminum. Press forming. Etching on metal.

Classes: Aluminium anodizing, copper etching, resin, polymer clay

Favourite tool: agate burnisher

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“Not the diamond setting precious jewellery sort of maker. Love the fun stuff – all the colours, patterns textures
and shapes! Constantly seeking new techniques. Frustrated fabric designer?”

Louise Collins


Experience: During her eight  years running a pottery studio , running workshops in clay and glass,  Louise came across Metal Clay and hasn’t looked back. Having attended various workshops with acclaimed artists Louise gained her metal clay diplomas and became a qualified metal clay teacher. Louise has been running classes in metal clay for 6 years

Special skills: All things clay.

Classes: Silver clay, copper clay, glass

Favourite tool: carving tools

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“My jewellery style is fairly contemporary combining modern and traditional techniques to make various styles of jewellery, however my style is primarily focused on nature and life.”