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Workshops and classes taught by professional jewellers.

Our tutors are all professional jewelers and makers in their own right, with many years of experience making, selling and teaching jewellery.

We have specialists in many areas of jewellery and metal work including silver smithing, texturing and metal stamping, enamelling, stone setting, keum boo, wire wrapping, metal recycling, mixed media materials. 

Alys Power


Experience: Alys has a BA in Applied Arts from Derby Uni and an MA in Contemporary Craft from Nottingham Trent. She has been running her jewellery practice, Alys Power Design, since 2003 and has been teaching classes and workshops since 2010. She took over running Nottingham Jewellery School in 2019. 

Special skills: Cold connections, enamelling, mixed materials, 

Classes: Beginners silver smithing, Ring Making, Enamelling, Six week Level One Course, Metal Stamping

Favourite tool: Hammers - all the hammers.

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"Jewellery makes people happy. Designing it, making it and wearing it.  I love constructing, creating and exploring materials and techniques and it's a real privilege to share that with our students in the workshops. My own work is about composition, balance and imperfect simplicity and I try to bring that to my classes too".

Loree Bologna


Experience: Loree has a BA in applied arts from southern Connecticut State University. She has worked in the jewellery industry for over 30 years  in Chicago IL, New Haven CT, and Nottingham UK. Specializing in Custom design, Loree aims to make her practice as environmental as
possible, often incorporating clients existing gold and gems. Loree has a teaching qualification and has been running workshops since 2002.

Special skills: Wax Carving, fabrication, stone setting.

Classes: Jewellery Making level 1 and 2. Wax carving Level 1 and 2

Favourite tool: So many to choose from! I have a few things inherited from my Father that are very
special to me.

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“Like many disciplines you never stop leaning with jewellery making. There are always new
techniques to try and plenty to still discover! It’s been a life long journey!”

Lex Watt

lex watt.jpg

Experience:  Lex has a BA in Jewellery and Silversmithing from the Birmingham School of jewellery and has been running her own business ‘Zalisander’ since 2011. She began teaching in 2015 and has discovered a love for passing on knowledge and skills to other crafty creators.

Special skills: Design, fabrication, stone setting.

Classes: Jewellery Making level 1,  Spinner Rings, Gemstone setting

Favourite tool: Pencils and blowtorches.

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“I adore the process of going from a scribbled idea/design to a fully finished piece of jewellery, the immediacy, malleability of materials and the sentimental value that jewellery holds will always fascinate me, as will the potential for continued learning and improvement of my practice.”

Amber Cooper-Green


Experience: ​Amber Cooper-Green is a Nottingham based jewellery designer and  a graduate of Birmingham City University’s renowned Jewellery Design and Related Products course.

Special skills: Lamination, three-dimensional objects, fusing, precious metals

Classes: Wood & Acrylic Pendants, Fused Silver, Introduction To Silver Smithing, Level One Silver Jewellery

Favourite tools:  Band saw, belt sander, pendant motor, scroll saw

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“The act of taking something considered waste and turning it into something new, beautiful and cherished by its wearer is a very rewarding process”

Helen Shere

helen shere tutor face.jpg

Experience:  ​Helen has a BA in applied arts (sustainable design & practice) from the University of Derby and began teaching herself metalsmithing skills from 2005 in her spare time, going on to start her jewellery business in 2008 whilst working part time in a local pottery. Eventually Helen became a full time sole trader in 2012 and has been making and selling her jewellery online, at retail fairs and in galleries around the country ever since.

Special skills: Keum Boo, Design, Fabrication, Stamping & Chasing.

Classes: Introduction to Keum Boo

Favourite tools:  Homemade stamps, piercing saw

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"The process of learning new skills and creating beautiful, wearable objects has been bringing me joy since I was 14 years old and it will continue as long as my hands still work. Getting lost in the process of problem solving, the challenge of making metal change it's shape, and the pleasure when something wonderful is created at the end of it all is a magical experience and I hope I can share that with my students."

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