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Online courses to study in your own time and space.

Our online courses allow you to enhance and improve your jewellery making skills and knowledge from the comfort of your own workspace. You'll learn at your own pace, taking the time you need on each stage of the process to make it work for you. 

We still believe the best way to learn the practical and technical skills of making is in a live class but we are really excited to be able to offer supporting skills in design, business, workshop care and more in a series of online courses. 

Each course will last six weeks, with tasks, exercises, videos, information and tutorials emailled to you at the beginning of each week for you to work on. You'll have access to an exclusive forum for members of the course to get in touch with your course leader who'll offer extra support, answer questions, motivate and encourage you on your way. 


The course materials will be a combination of PDF information sheets, tutorials, tasks and exercises along with a video guide for the weeks subject for you to watch. These course materials can be downloaded and are yours to keep once the course has ended so you can continue to learn, make and create.  

What have past students said about this course?


"Every exercise and task has been useful because its given me a different viewpoint and approach to making jewellery".

"The written notes with the accompanying videos made all the difference and has given me the confidence to develop my ideas before going to my bench".

"An informative grounding in sketch booking for idea generation and designing collections".

 "I just wanted to say thank you. I started the course with much trepidation, not seeing myself as at all artistic. The trepidation multiplied exponentially as we went along. However... the methods really surprised me and I ended up with several unexpected deigns, and I'm sure I could have produced even more". 

"I'm looking forward to making my designs but I'm also looking forward to trying this process again, with a new starting point".

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