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Learning to make jewellery is best done in person.

There's something special about a face to face class. Being in a creative space with like minded people, learning, creating and working together. It's a human touch that can be missing from books, magazines or online tutorials.

We all need interaction and shared experiences. Especially if you are working from home, an independent maker or a solitary soul.

We know students all learn in lots of different ways so we teach in lots of different ways.

We have live demonstrations and displays. Our expert tutors will demonstrate and explain a process in the class in front of you. You can see the process happen in real time and gain an understanding of how to use the tools and complete the process. They will offer advice, watch you work and make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

a jeweller in a black and white stripy top using a fine brush to refine a sand casting mould
Amber demonstrating how to create a sand casting mould

We use pre-recorded video demos and images. This means we can focus on showing close up details of the making - jewellery is small so it gives us the opportunity to make sure you can see exactly what's happening. It also means each student can see clearly - no being stuck behind a tall person with an exuberant hat. We often leave the videos playing so you can see the process repeated and refer back to it if you need to.

a jeweller uses a tv to demonstrate a technique to the class
Loree teaching a wax carving demo

We provide written worksheets and handbooks give you something to refer to and a resource to keep. It helps you see how each step connects to the next and gives a good overview of the whole process. It's also a useful place to make notes if writing things down helps you learn.

a jewellers saw lying on a printed jewellery making worksheet
printed worksheet to give you instructions and a handy place to make notes

We offer one to one tuition if you prefer something more intimate. Not everyone thrives in a group environment so you can book time to spend one on one with any of our tutors and focus on the skills, information and tuition you need.

A smiling jeweller helps a student make a ring
Alys teaching a one to one ring making session

We provide plenty of tools and materials so you can keep practicing and perfecting your skills. The best way to get good at anything is practicing so we offer space time and encouragement to explore, experiment and repeat until you get it just right.

copper dish forms on a workbench
copper experiments from the level two: 3d forms course

The thing we find the most useful about learning in a face to face class is the interaction, support, advice and motivation that the students in class give to each other. It's what makes NJS the wonderful community that it is. Sharing your experience - whether its a long held passion or a brand new love - with other people is a very special thing.

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