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Jewellery Making Can be Scary

Updated: Mar 3

It can feel really daunting starting something new. And jewellery making is no exception. And neither is running a jewellery school.

When the jewellery school began in its current form in 2019 it was terrifying. I had been running classes with an established art gallery in Nottingham City centre for five years and that was all going well. When the gallery was forced to close there was a decision to make. Stop teaching or take a leap into the unknown and take on a new space.

The transformation of our space

The next day I was walking my kids to school and I saw a sign go up on a old factory round the corner from my house, it was being redeveloped into business units. The location couldn't have been more perfect and it suddenly seemed like it all might be possible.

Within a week I had signed the contract and then I had to wait until the unit was finished and ready for us to move in. While I waited my wondeful family and friends and I built websites, planned workshops, bought tools, mapped out the space and held our breaths.

We officially got the keys on the 6th of August 2019 and our very first class ran on the 6th of September.

It's been the most wonderful adventure and that's down to the wonderful people who have helped it happen, the wonderful team who work so hard to keep the school going and the wonderful students who come along and give us their time and attention and put so much passion into their projects.

Starting something new can be scary but in time it can tun out to be one of the best decisions you ever make.

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