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Why Rings Are Such A Good place To Start

Rings are an important and significant category of jewellery. They hold cultural, symbolic, and personal significance for many people around the world and are a brilliant piece to start your jewellery making journey. The circular form of a ring is a great place to explore the traditional tools and techniques used by jewellers.

Rings are often used to symbolize important relationships and milestones. Engagement rings and wedding bands are powerful symbols of commitment and love. Some people wear rings as a way to remember or pay tribute to loved ones or significant events in their lives. They may choose a design or gemstone that holds special meaning.

Different cultures have their own traditions and customs surrounding rings. In some cultures, a ring may be a symbol of status, while in others, it may signify a rite of passage or membership in a particular group. Rings are used in various ceremonies and rituals across different cultures and religions. They can signify spiritual or religious devotion, such as a wedding ring in Christian ceremonies. Rings are often passed down through generations, carrying with them the history and stories of the people who wore them. They can become cherished family heirlooms.

Rings can be a way for individuals to express their personal style and taste. They come in a wide variety of designs, materials, and gemstones, allowing people to choose pieces that resonate with them. Rings, like other forms of jewellery, are worn for their aesthetic appeal. They add beauty and elegance to an individual's appearance and can be a statement piece of an outfit.

Some rings even have practical uses. For example, signet rings have historically been used to seal documents, while others may have hidden compartments or features.

Rings are one of the most common forms of jewellery. There are many different ways to make a ring. Every jeweller will have their own method, a hybrid of all the techniques they have learnt, invented or picked up throughout their career.

Ring making is really useful and versatile skill for a new jeweller. Once you have mastered it you’ll be able to make endless variations and it lends itself to more than just rings - make a really large one and you’ve made a bangle, link them together to form a chain and you have a necklace. It’s a form you find throughout jewellery making.

We love ring making so much we have a new NJS publication - The Jewellers Ring Making Journal.

The methods used in this book are by no means the only way to do it. It’s just the way that we find easiest to start you off with. It breaks down nicely into tangible and teachable parts which build step by step to the finished piece. The chapters take a nice practical route from measuring a finger to the final shaping and finishing, and allows plenty of opportunities for you to get the size right. to add decoration, details and to make your ring truly your own. The basic techniques are covered in depth along with fourteen versatile and adaptable ring making recipes which will allow you to create designs which are entirely your own.

If you don't feel confident starting ring making on your own you could come and join a class and make a ring with us. Three Rings In A Day or the Introduction To Silver Smithing classes are both great starting points for novice ring makers. Once you've mastered ring making you'll be able to make so many wonderful, meaningful and significant pieces of jewellery.

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