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The best classes for beginner jewellers & silver smiths

Updated: Apr 8

If you want to start making silver jewellery but don't know where to start don't worry. We have helped hundreds of new jewellers take their first steps into the workshop and we can help you too. We make sure all our workshops are friendly and welcoming and we make sure you have everything you need to get started.

When you are choosing your first class think about what you want to learn and what you want to make. Many of our workshops are suitable for complete beginners - you don't need any prior skills, knowledge or experience to come along and make something you are proud of.

Each class listing will tell you what experience level the class is designed for - look out for the ones labelled level one or beginners and you will be in the right place.

If you go to our 'all our upcoming classes and workshops' page, you can filter the classes by ability level so just select beginners and it will show you all the upcoming classes suitable for brand new jewellers.

Or read on to see what classes we recommend for beginner silversmiths and jewellers.

A one day class could be a full day or a half day. It will give you a taste of what it's like to be in the workshop, teach you some of the basic skills and techniques and send you home with a finished project and a great big smile. Our one off beginners classes are designed for makers who have no or very little jewellery making experience so you will be led step by step through the process.

Our most popular one day classes are...

Three Rings In A Day.

A perfect beginners class. Make three solid silver stacking rings in just one day. Learn to measure, cut, solder, form and finish silver to create three bespoke rings.

Introduction To Silver Smithing

A taster workshop in the silver smithing basics. Try your hand at the foundations skills of saw piercing, filing, soldering, shaping, texturing and polishing to make a sample copper token and a beautiful and wearable piece of silver jewellery.

Spinner Rings

Use basic ring making techniques - cutting, forming, soldering, shaping, polishing - to create a wide base ring with two or three articulated free spinning bands in sterling silver. Add copper or brass accents or use just sterling silver. Deceptively simple to make, this is a fabulous and fun project and an impressive achievement for one days work.

Our six week courses allow you the time and space to learn about jewellery making in depth and in detail. Courses are led by experienced professional jewellers and classes are small groups to make sure every student has enough support to succeed - whatever that means to them.

Most course run as either a morning session - 10.30am to 1.00pm or as an evening session - 6.30pm - 9.00pm. We have course available for all abilities, see individual course listings for details.

Our absolute archetypal beginners course is...

Level One Six Week Course

This six week beginners course will introduce you to the foundation skills of silver smithing and give you the space, time and confidence to work on your own designs. As a level one student you'll receive a complimentary copy of our Jewellers Level One Journal.

Stand Alone Techniques

Many of our one day classes and six week courses focus on special techniques, skills or materials which are separate from general silver smithing. These techniques compliment the silver smithing classes and can be used along side those skills but they are also stand alone classes which need no prior experience to take part so even as a total beginner you will be able to dive in and get making.

Some great ones to start with could be...


We offer enamelling as a six week course and a variety of one day classes. The six week course covers a variety of techniques and one day classes focus on more specific skills and projects. Enamel allows you to play with colour, pattern and design and is a quick and easy process which lends itself to experimentation and exploration.

Wax Carving

Our beginners wax carving course will introduce you to working in this flexible and sculptural medium. You'll learn how to create your designs in wax, have them cast into silver, and how to fettle and finish the castings to refine your designs into beautiful jewellery. Wax is an easy materials to work in and only once you are totally happy with your design will you have it cast into metal. It's a great choice for new jewellers as you can experiment and explore without the pressure of precious metals.

Silver Clay

Silver clay is a soft workable medium and a perfect beginners choice. You can mould, press, texture and shape the clay easily and precisely before firing it to sinter and turn it into solid silver jewellery.

Wood And Acrylic

Jewellery doesn't have to be precious metals. Non-traditional materials can be a great place to start if you are new to jewellery making. You'll experience using the tools of the trade without worrying about the fiddly details and finer skills of working in silver or gold. Instead you get to play with colour, form and shape to create something entirely new.

If you are curious about jewellery making, have always dreamed of becoming a silver smith or just want to try something new there are plenty of classes that will be perfect for you.

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