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Reading Recommendations

There are so many brilliant books on jewellery making. We are spoilt for choice. If you are looking for some joyful jewellery bedtime reading to back up your skills or introduce you to new ones these are our current top five for new jewellers.

Tim McCreight

"This is an ideal handbook for hobbyists, students and others who are

just getting started in metalworking. It is particularly suitable for

beginning jewellers who use metal in their work."


Tim McCreight is a jewellery making legend. Any book by Tim is worth reading. This one approaches metalsmithing from a very technical perspective and he explains the science behind the techniques in a clear and friendly manner.


Elizabeth Bone

"Silversmithing for Jewellery Makers is a comprehensive examination of all the techniques, surface treatments, and innovations used by silver jewellery makers. Unlike more general silversmithing books that also include silver ornaments, this book places a strong emphasis on the information that is relevant to jewellery makers, giving them all they need to know about working with this unique and versatile material."


This book is clear, concise and thorough. With beautiful images and a lovely contemporary style.

Jinks McGrath

"Comprehensive and sophisticated in its approach, Metalsmithing for Jewelry Makers is the ultimate reference for jewelry makers of all levels. Exploring a wide range of both precious and non precious metals, traditional methods are examined alongside contemporary styles and adaptations to offer a unique and inspirational insight into the art and craft of jewelry making for today's artisan."


Jinks McGrath is another jewellery making hero and has written a whole series of brilliant books on jewellery making. We choose this one because it not only explains metal-smithing clearly and thoroughly but also includes lots of inspiring images of work by other talented jewellers.

Machi de Waard and Janet Richardson

"Silver Jewellery Making is a practical beginners' guide to making silver jewellery. Seven step-by-step projects guide you through the core skills and techniques that will enable you to progress to making your own beautiful jewellery."


It cover a wide range of versatile skills. Thoughtfully written with a beginner jeweller in mind. It welcomes new jewellers to the craft.

Stephen O'Keeffe

"Practical Jewellery-Making Techniques: Problem Solving presents an overview of the core jewellery-making techniques but provides easier alternative solutions for achieving the same results as traditional methods."


Stephen O'Keeffe brings his twenty years of bench experience to this book. It's full of personal tips and tricks and reminds us there is no one correct way to make jewellery.

And we couldn't do a blog post on books with out mentioning our very first Nottingham Jewellery School Publication could we?

Alys Power

"This design and inspiration handbook is for jewellery makers who want to make use of the design potential of their sketchbook and confidently create an authentic and individual jewellery collection."


Learning the techniques is only half the craft. When you have the tools, time and techniques this book guides you through beginning to develop your own unique and personal designs.

Happy reading everyone and let us know if you have found another beautiful book we should know about. xx

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