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2022 In Review

Well that went by fast didn't it? Looking back over last year we are absolutely and completely amazed by all we did together. It was a truly wonderful year with so many amazing moments.

Making jewellery is our favourite thing to do and getting to do it with you all is such a privilege. Each class is unique and we look forward to being in the workshop just as much as you do.

Everyone is welcome at NJS. We love to see students begin their journey with us and this year it was an absolute thrill to see some of the students who did their first ever classes with us start their own businesses and sell their work.

Officially its nearly 900 hundred hours of teaching but it doesn't feel like it. If you have been to a class you know that time spent in the workshop flies by - there is never enough of it.

There's probably loads more techniques that have been taught, learned, experimented with and mastered over the year. We love seeing students find new ways to use traditional methods and develop new techniques of their own.

Our first love will always be silver, but bringing in new traditional or contemporary materials makes for a really exciting class and we have seen some beautiful mixed material creations come to life in the workshop this year.

You know that tea and cake are the life blood of the workshop and make everyone feel at home. Feel free to make a request if you have a favourite - we love finding a new recipe.

NJS wouldn't be NJS without you. We only ever have the loveliest people in our workshops, building up our terrific tribe of joyful jewellers. We are so looking forward to going into 2023 with you all.

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