Nottingham Jewellery School.

    Sharing knowledge, skills and creativity.

The Jewellery Studio.

Where is Nottingham Jewellery School?

How do I get there?

Is there parking?

Is there disabled access?

Tools and Equipment

What tools and equipment do you have?

  The workshop is fully equipped with all the hand tools and workspace you would expect in a jewellers studio. We also have rolling mills, pillar drill, pendant drills, bench shear and buffing machine.


What tools can I use?

  You'll be able to use all the tools required to complete your class. You'll be fully inducted on all necessary tools and equipment and supervised throughout.

Can I bring my own tools?

  You are welcome to bring your own tools. Please make sure they are clearly labelled.

Can I buy tools to take home with me?

  We have a small tool shop at Nottingham Jewellery School. We sell a range of hand tools and consumables.

One to one tuition.

How do I book a one to one session?

   Visit the one to one tuition page and send us an enquiry or email us on

What will I learn?

  One to one sessions are individually tailored to meet your needs. The content varies according to what it is you want to learn.

Who teaches one to one sessions?

   One to one sessions are taught by our professional jewellery tutors. You can book your session with a particular tutor or we will match up

Is a one to one workshop suitable for me?

  One to one sessions are suitable for ability levels. One to ones sessions are suitable for adults. Sessions can be booked for 14 - 18s if a parent or guardian is present throughout the session.

How long can I book for?

  You can book for as long or short a session as you like. Sessions are booked in blocks of one hour. We recommend a session of between two and four hours at a time. You can book a series of sessions.

How much is a one to one session?

  One to one sessions start at £35 per hour.

Whats included?

   The hourly rate includes tuition and access to the workshop. Please bring your own materials or buy them on the day from your tutor.

Group and Party bookings.

How do I book a group workshop?

   Visit the group booking page to see the current classes we offer and use the contact form or email us on


How long does a group workshop last?

   We offer half day and full day options. A half day session is 2.5 - 3 hours and can be morning, afternoon or evening. A full day session is 5 -5.5 hours and usually runs 10.30 - 4.00

How much is a group workshop?

   Half day sessions start at £45 per person. Full day sessions start at £85 per person. See individual workshop options for details. 

Who is the workshop suitable for?

  Workshops are suitable for levels of experience and ability. Our workshops are intended for adults. We can accommodate over 14s in our group workshops providing a parent or guardian is present throughout as a paying participant. There must be a responsible adult for each under 18 attending.

What is included?

  The price includes all tools, equipment, materials and tuition for the workshop as well as tea, coffee and cake throughout the day.

Can you provide a meal? 

   We can provide a catered meal on the day. We offer a lunch or afternoon tea and work with local, independent delis and restaurants to have food freshly delivered for your visit. Prices start from £10 per person. You are welcome to arrange your own catering for your workshop by arrangement.

Can I dress the room for a special event?

  If you are organising your group class a special celebration or gathering we can arrange for you to have access to dress and prepare the room prior to your workshop. There may be an additional charge for this. 

Can we drink alcohol in the class?

    We don't allow alcohol during the workshop but you are welcome to celebrate with a glass of something special at the end of you session.

Health & Safety

s jewellery making safe?

What should I wear to a class?

What chemicals are used?

What personal protective equipment is provided?

Can I bring my own personal protective equipment?

Classes, courses and workshops.

 How do I book?

Who are the classes suitable for?

Can I get a qualification?

What age are classes suitable for?

How many people will be in each class?

How much are classes?

When are classes held?

What classes do you offer?

What will I learn?


What refreshments are served at each class?

I have allergies / dietary requirements - can you accommodate this?

Can I bring my own food & drink?

Can you provide lunch?

Jewellery Tutors

Who teaches the classes?

Can I hire the space for my own classes?

I'm a jewellery tutor - can I get involved?