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Nottingham Jewellery School
                                                                  Raising money for 2023 earthquake relief

Having seen the devastation caused by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria we want to do what we can to support the charities helping those affected.

Download our Dove Brooch project sheet to get instructions and templates to create a piece to be proud of.  Follow the instructions precisely or adapt them to make your own design.

A bird of peace and prosperity. This little brooch is symbol of hope for the regions of Turkey and Syria affected by the 2023 earthquakes. £4.50 from the sale of each worksheet will be donated to the Disasters Emergency Committee to support those in need.


We know jewellery brings us all joy and we want to spread that beyond the workshop walls to some of the people who most need it. We invite you to make a whole flock of beautiful birds and, if you choose to, you are welcome to sell them to raise even more for the earthquake relief efforts. 


The design is simple and adaptable, with a clever tab system to create the pin fastening. Choose to decorate your birds using the stars and crescent symbols from the Turkish and Syrian flags or with what embellishments bring you joy. 

Thanks to your generosity we donated £112.5 (inc gift aid) in February 2023 and we are still going. We will add our donation total each month. 

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