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A chunky faceted ring with a creative combination of curves, angles and planes. Making a ring out of thick, hard to bend, metal uses a different technique than if you were working in a lighter gauge of wire. Once you have formed your ring, use a file and some care and patience to create angled faces to catch the light.    This project will create lots of lovely clean silver dust. Place a sheet of paper in your catch tray, bench skin or in a tray on your lap to collect the dust.


To complete this project you will need:



Round silver wire  - 2mm - 3.5mm diameter is ideal. No more than 90mm long


Piercing saw, bench peg and saw blades

Half round cut two or smooth 6 inch file

Needle files - flat and round or half round profile

 Emery paper in 800 and 1200 grit

Ring sizer

Ring mandrel

Mallet (leather or plastic)

Small planishing or riveting hammer

Soldering kit

Polish and finishing media


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