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more than metal

Whilst precious metals will always mean a lot to us there is more to jewellery making than gold and silver.

There are so many talented jewellers working in a huge variety of materials and there is so much inspiration to find there. Here are a few of our favourite makers who work in materials that you might not expect.


Our very own Amber Cooper-Green works in a range of beautiful reclaimed materials. She completely transforms the original objects into smooth sculptural and tactile works of art. These earrings are hand carved from reclaimed timber and waste acrylic. And they are absolutely stunning.


Jo Pond works in found objects alongside more traditional jewellery materials. A collector of the unwanted and unconventional Jo chooses found objects and reclaimed materials to add story, character and narrative to her work.


Liz Willis combines found, mudlark every day items like pins and nails with hand stitched silk thread and precious metal to create beautiful pieces of wearable history.


Carla Edwards uses resin to explore pattern and colour in her bright and beautiful jewellery. She combines mould making, casting, filing, carving and polishing resin with more traditional metalworking techniques such as soldering, piercing and hammering. Her use of resin allows her to explore form and shape and make large statement pieces that are still comfortable and tactile to wear.


Gilly Langton create bold, dynamic jewellery combining precious metals with vibrantly coloured elastic. Her works has a movement and joyfulness that spring from the movement and energy of the elastic.

While precious metals and gemstones are where you might start you can bring life, history, energy, narrative, colour, warmth and a host of other qualities when you explore other making

make your own....

We regularly offer classes in working with alternative materials and techniques - creating jewellery from wood, aluminium, plastic and more.

Join the wonderful Amber Cooper-Green and learn to craft beautiful organic and contemporary jewellery from recycled wood and plastics.

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