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A tradition of tea and cake and why it's so important at the jewellery school.

If you have been to a class with us you will know that the kettle is the most important tool in our workshop.

And it seems to be a family tradition. This photo from the 1950's shows lead tutor Alys' grandmother doing just what we do at the jewellery school. Making a brew.

It's more than just tea though. It's a welcome, it's comfort, it's something familiar even if everything else feels new and intimidating. It's something to celebrate with when things go well and something to distract yourself with when they don't

Most importantly, when we welcome you into the jewellery school we feel like we are welcoming you into our house. And how else would we do that but with tea and cake. Just like Granny Lucy.

We know it can be daunting coming to a class for the first time. Being asked to be creative in a new space, with new people using new tools and techniques is really difficult. By making you feel welcome we make you feel more comfortable - giving you the best chance to learn, make and create.

In an unfamiliar environment having something familiar and comforting can make a huge difference. When jewellery making is going well then you can celebrate with some tea and cake and when it isn't going so well (because, you know, sometimes it doesn't) it gives you a chance to take a break from the bench, get your blood sugar up and gather your thoughts before you get back to making.

So it's not just tea and cake. It's a little bit of home.

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