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Our favourite books for jewellery making

To celebrate world book day here are a few our of our favourite recent books on our favourite subject.

The Art Of Wax. Elsa Tierney.

"Whether you’re a beginner, enthusiast, professional jeweller, or sculptor, this book caters to all skill levels. It combines traditional approaches with contemporary experimental methods, introduces different types of waxes and their properties, outlines essential tools, and provides step-by-step instructions for carving and modelling."

We love this book because...

It's beautifully photographed and really comprehensive. Elsa has years of experience working with wax and the book is a thoughtful and insightful approach to working with hard and soft waxes.

Stone Setting. Scott McIntyre.

"Stone setting can often appear mysterious and impossible: an ancient craft used to hold beautiful gems secure in the most elegant of designs. This practical book explains the techniques of the master stone setter in an accessible and encouraging style. Written by Scott McIntyre, it explains the complex world of setting with step-by-step instructions, supported by informative illustrations and excellent examples of finished pieces. It is a manual that shines with inspiration and practical advice. Topics covered include: setting techniques, from bezel, claw and flush, through to single row and multiple pave, then to skilled methods such as channel and microclaw. Advice is given on the options and attributes of each type of setting , as well as ideas for mixing styles and experimenting with setting methods. It is written informally throughout with an emphasis on patience and precision."

We love this book because...

Scott's authentic voice is really present in this book. It covers more than just tools and technique, exploring the attitude, mindset and even the correct posture for successful stone setting.

Fastenings And Findings For Jewellers. Sarah MacRae

"Fastenings and Findings for Jewellers is an essential guide to making a functional part of a piece of jewellery into a graceful, integral feature. Complete with step-by-step instructions, it explains the requirements of design, and emphasizes the importance of safely and securely fastening the piece. Having explained the principles of various catches, it then looks at how the fastening can be adapted to suit a particular design. With tips and advice throughout, this practical book provides creative solutions to a practical necessity and thereby adds inspiration to a design."

We love this book because...

It's a really in depth exploration and explanation of the design and making of all kinds of findings and fastenings. The instructions are clear and well explained and the designs lend themselves to adapting and refining to fit any project or design.

And of course how could we forget our very own NJS publications?

Our very own NJS publications let you explore tools, techniques and the world of jewellery in your own time. Each book is based on our popular courses for you to continue learning at home. Spiral bound to sit flat on your bench, with a lovely matt paper so you can add your own notes and ideas. These books are made by jewellers for jewellers. 

To celebrate world book day we are offering 10% off all our books during March. Use the code WBD2024 at the check to claim your discount.

Scared of your sketchbook?

This design and inspiration handbook is for jewellery makers who want to make use of the design potential of their sketchbook and confidently create an authentic and individual jewellery collection. It will introduce you to some of the ways you can travel through your creative journey. You’ll translate your initial inspiration into realised jewellery designs with permission to try, to play, to take risks and to make mistakes within the safety of your sketchbook. The Jewellers Creative Journal will help you take your ideas from concept to collection.

New to jewellery making?

The Jewellers Level One Journal is a beginners guide to making silver jewellery and is a companion handbook to Nottingham Jewellery School’s popular level one six week course.

Five chapters gently introduce you to the world of the workshop. With guides to tools and techniques and a set of simple, adaptable projects to get you started. The Jewellers Level One Journal is the first step in your jewellery making journey.

Jewellers Ring Making Journal

Designed to accompany the popular Three Rings In A Day workshop at Nottingham Jewellery School this book cover the tools and techniques you’ll need to know to make simple silver rings. You’ll learn how to measure, cut, bend, solder and finish fourteen different ring projects, all designed to allow you to adapt and personalise them to make rings that are unique to you.

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