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Complement your technical skills with this new six session course in jewellery inspiration, creativity and design. Learn some of the different design processes professional jewellers use to create their work and apply them to your own work.


This is an online course for you to study and complete at home. It will support you in designing and developing ideas, and original designs and will compliment your existing (and future) making skills. 

All you need to take part is something to access the website from, something to write with and something to write on. No specialist tools or equipment required. 


Each week you will be emailed a link to the class page. There will be a short video to view, information and direction sheets to download or print and creative exercises for you to complete. The class pages will be password protected and only accessible to students on the course. There will be a supporting Facebook group which you can join to get in touch with other students and to get feedback on your progress from Alys. 


Week One: Ignite Inspiration, Gather, Start A Sketchbook

Week Two: Record, Annotate, Make A Mark, Materials

Week Three: Identify & Select, Respond, Combine & Refine, Design Briefs

Week Four: Design & Develop, Form & Function, Findings, Scale, Materials

Week Five: Models & Mock-ups, Describe & Develop, Rendering

Week Six: Process & Practice, Trials & Tests, Technical Notes